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Calling All Ranch Hands!

Jenni's Rescue Ranch has one mission -- to take in animals that are abandoned or neglected, rehabilitate them, and find loving, forever homes for them. Since beginning operations in July of 2021, JRR has taken in over 740 animals and adopted out 705! We owe our success to our incredible network of fosters, volunteers, adopters, and supporters! We could not do it without your help!

However, we recognize that we need to do more! In addition to our rescue efforts, we are starting a spay/neuter program in 2024. We want to do everything we can to help with the crisis situation as the number of abandoned animals is continually increasing. Jenni's Rescue Ranch is doing everything possible to save more animals!

Jenni's Rescue Ranch needs funds for animal expenses and for our spay/neuter program. Everything at Jenni's Rescue Ranch is done by volunteers -- we have no paid employees. Every dollar that comes in goes towards the animals!

Please click on the "Donate" button to help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of animals or you can mail your check to:

Jenni's Rescue Ranch

P.O. Box 2916

Alvin, TX 77512